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As a designer of clothes, books, farms, buildings, organizations and. The entrepreneur who wants to save paradise the atlantic. In 1990 he endowed the foundation for deep ecology, in san francisco, and cast around for what to do next. Energy was published in partnership with watershed media and post carbon institute. Douglas tompkins, an american conservationist and founder of clothing companies the north face and esprit, died tuesday following a kayaking accident in southern chiles patagonia region.

Parks and wilderness, the foundation for conservation. With 10 million acres in patagonia, a national park system. For that reason, we publish books that synthesize and present the facts of key campaigns. Activism foundation for deep ecology graphics, publishing, video campaigns. He founded the foundation for deep ecology in 1990, which supports environmental activism see deep ecology, and the conservation land trust in 1992, which works to protect wildlands, primarily in chile and argentina. This book provides an overview of the combined work of conservacion patagonica, the conservation land trust, the foundation for deep ecology, and fundacion pumalin, in addition to the agricultural projects personally managed by doug and kris tompkins. Or if you want to browse all pur publications, including, graphics, books and. Douglas tompkinsthe founder of esprit and the north faceis using his fortune to build massive national parks in chile and argentina. Tompkins attended connecticuts pomfret school, but never finished and did not attend college, according to tom butler, a spokesman for an environmental group, the foundation for deep ecology. Quincey isnt a party to summers lawsuit, but she may be sitting pretty whatever the outcome shes listed as an officer of the foundation for deep ecology, one of dougs conservation. Douglas tompkins sat alone on the ground with his arms. Tom butler is the guardian of these ideals, always encouraging the team to align organizational values with the philosophy of deep ecology that inspired douglas tompkins s work. From overseeing the foundation for deep ecology s book publishing program. A private charitable foundation, fde supports environmental activism through grantmaking, campaigns, and a publishing program.

In memory of oaecs friend doug tompkins occidental arts. The book will be used as the educational centerpiece of pcis energy reality campaign, launching in spring 20. These trips and his voracious appetite for environmental literature led to an almost religious conversion into deep ecology a belief that unspoiled wilderness is more valuable than any of the. Douglas tompkins, conservationist founder of the north. Creating national parks, recovering imperiled wildlife, implementing ecological agriculture, supporting leadingedge activism, and promoting healthy local communities. He sold his business stakes, saying that he wanted to stop selling. North face cofounder turned eco baron douglas tompkins. Doug tompkins is longtime wilderness advocate, mountaineer, organic. Nearby, a series of coffeetable books whose titles all began with the. Seeing the deep alignment between oaec and doug and kriss many. Quincey tompkins imhoff, vice president the former executive director of the foundation for deep ecology, quincey is a photographer and project manager for a wide variety of projects focusing on education, community, and the environment. Doug tompkins founded the north face and esprit clothing company he created the foundation for deep ecology, and soon afterwards moved to south chile to. Originally named the irihiti foundation, the foundation for deep ecology fde was established in 1989 by douglas tompkins, who had been active in the antiwar and civilrights movements of the 1960s. The man who turned his fortune into creating an ecological paradise in south america.

Douglas tompkins, entrepreneur and conservationist, 1943. Douglas tompkins, a noted conservationist and the founder of the clothing brands the north face and esprit, died on tuesday of hypothermia after a. Douglas tompkinsthe founder of esprit and the north faceis using his. Who we are tompkins conservation douglas tompkins and. The twoway tompkins created the north face and cofounded esprit, but abandoned the business world to. He was courted by magazine editors and politicians, revered by the san. Doug was an early supporter of oaec 19992002 through his foundation for deep ecology and. In 1992, tompkins founded the foundation for deep ecology, a philanthropic effort devoted to root causes of environmental crises. Tompkins attended pomfret school in connecticut but never graduated and did not attend college, said tom butler, a spokesman for the foundation for. Douglas tompkins founds the foundation for deep ecology fde. With 10 million acres in patagonia, a national park system is born. Tompkins was working on creating additional parks in chile and northeastern argentina when he died, according to tom butler, editorial projects. In 1985, douglas tompkins was the millionaire cofounder of two successful clothing companies, the north face and esprit. The founder of the environmental nonprofit foundation for deep ecology.

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