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A drop test of gorilla glass 2 made for the samsung galaxy s3. At cornings gorilla glass testing labs, the glassmaker that fronts apples iphone tried to show that rival sapphire. By rob enderle on september 6, 2016 display, gorilla glass, samsung, sapphire. Glass testing gorilla glass testing methods corning. What started as a lightweight concept technology is about to become reality for ford gt customers when the allnew supercar debuts the. A scratch test video given below showing the durability of gorilla glass 5 has quickly caught the attention of corning, and it didnt take long for the glass manufacturer to justify why the. Gorilla glass 6 is so tough, corning had to move beyond its original slapper test and create a super slapper test. Hgps latest collaboration with corning gives drivers increased durability and. Corning gorilla glass 6 with up to 2x better durability. This is not intuitive because it seems like im saying that glass is better than a jewel but we arent talking about jewels.

Corning, the company itself claims that phones with gorilla glass 6 can surviv. If you have been on the internet lately, you may have heard of jerryrigseverything and his durability tests. The team working on gorilla glass 4 created new droptest methods to simulate realworld smartphone disasters, and the company claims the substance will pass meterhigh drop tests approximately 80. Drive away with your newly installed hyperformance glass. Difference between gorilla glass 1, 2 and 3 gorilla. As a brand, gorilla glass is unique to corning, but close equivalents exist, including agc inc. New for this third generation of gorilla glass is something corning calls native damage resistance, which provides improved durability to. Please dont make the mistake of using gorilla glass 5 z. Our quarter windows will give your mustang the classic style of the early mustang race cars without having to add plastic that covers up your window. A drop test showing samsungs galaxy s4 going head to head with the iphone 5 and the s3 shows that cornings new gorilla glass 3 is still not impact resistant and it can easily shatter. I think you should watch the correction video he made in which he discovers a flaw in his test on gorilla glass 5. The science of scratch testing corning gorilla glass 5 youtube. Gorilla glass 2 built up on that and was 20% thinner than the original gorilla glass. Learn more about hyperformance gorilla glass windshields hgp.

Today we witness the strength and durability of gorilla glass. Samsung galaxy m31 durability test samsung galaxy m31 bend test. Cornings customers, vendors like samsung and htc, have two choices with gorilla glass 2. The glass was just as resistant, but its main update was its thickness. Cornings current 1st gen gorilla glass is on many smartphones and devices today but their new. Gorilla glass windshields are impressive, but are they. Lightweight, tough and optically advantaged, gorilla glass for automotive has. Gorilla glass is a brand of chemically strengthened glass developed and manufactured by corning, now in its sixth generation, designed to be thin, light and. Then came the gorilla glass 3, which was created by using a modified development process. Drop tests, where a glass edge impacts a damaging surface by a free fall. After you place your order, hgp will ship your windshield to a. The second generation was 20% thinner than the first. Gorilla glass 3, cnc metal frame and u type suspended screen, triple protection to provide best safety for phone.

Heres a drop test on gorilla glass 5 from ces 2017. Corning responds to that worrying galaxy note 7 scratch. Amazing fastest homemade wood lathe machines working skills extreme wood cutting machines easy duration. Gorilla glass for automotive automotive glass including mopar. Cornings got their new gorilla glass 2 here at ces, and lets just say its really, really strong. Following that worrisome samsung galaxy note 7 scratch test video, i spoke to corning about gorilla glass 5s seemingly poor scratch resistant properties. Though the device sells like hot cakes and there is a huge demand for it from the consumers, one major issue is its durability. Corning announced on october 24, 2012 that one billion mobile devices used its product called gorilla glass. Asus zenfone max pro m2 front glass test drop test gorilla glass 6 ka sach. Theres a lot more to how corning tests the toughness of corning gorilla glass 5 scratch resistance than you might think.

How corning won apple back and built the strongest gorilla. Gorilla glass 2 which is second generation glass from corning was introduced in the market in 2012. Hgp hyperformance glass products advancing technology. Watch corning gorilla glass 2 endure a ball drop test, an abraded ring on ring test, vickers indentation test, a flexibility test, a scratch test.

Xiaomi redmi note 5 pro is a bestselling midrange smartphone. Unless you work at car and driver s headquarters, where we run a fleet of longterm test cars through 40,000 miles in a year, you probably dont have to deal with. Im not sure why people keep complaining about the gorilla glass in the lumia 920 and 8x. Put a glass screen protector on it and you have the benefit of both, scratch resistance of glass and shatter resistance of plastic and in case the glass breaks just change the screen protector. In the future we can expect even more from both of these companies as things progress. For gorilla glass testers, life is a daily grind and. Find out why hyperformance gorilla glass windshields are lighter, thinner, tougher and more. Gorilla glass has the highest depth of layer dol degree of chemical strengthening is the development of the desired level of compressive stress cs over desired dol gorilla glass can achieve dol greater than typical damagesflaws depth gorilla glass is designed for lower stress relaxation, higher dol and high cs 0.

Is gorilla glass 6 really that durable to survive multiple drops. Thats usually what i like about plastic screens like the switch. We teased this product last year at sema and we think it will give that retro louvered look that. Note 7 scratch test correction video gorilla glass 5. Gorilla glass device glass damage and scratch resistant device. Chemical durability durability is measured via weight loss per surface area after immersion in the solvents shown below.

Gorilla glass is a brand of chemically strengthened glass developed and manufactured by corning, now in its sixth generation, designed to be thin, light and damageresistant. Hardness measured on the mohs scale is a different attribute. Gorilla glass 3 will be even better it will be stronger than gg2 and be 3x more scratch resistant. This resulted in the gorilla glass 3 being up to three times more damageresistant than gorilla glass 2. About, 3 devices with best prices are updated as of 20th may 2020. Corning responds to note 7 and gorilla glass 5 scratch tests. Luckily, it seems dragontrail on the pixel 3a is just as good as typical corning gorilla glass.

Samsung galaxy s20 ultra has been put to test by youtube channel jerryrigeverything in a durability video that highlights its screenresistant, glass sandwich design. Gorilla glass can be produced in thicknesses ranging from 0. Values are highly dependent upon actual testing conditions. Gorilla glass and 2017 ford gt supercar on everyman driver. Compared to the original gorilla glass, it is 20% thinner but with the same scratch resistance and strength.

Galaxy z flip durability test calls samsungs ultra thin. Corning gorilla glass provides autograde interior display glass solutions that. Corning gorilla glass nbt delivers the costeffective scratch and damage resistance that consumers have come to expect of the worlds leading cover glass solution to. As the successor to gorilla glass 5 that was launched back in. Hi all, recently i bought the lumia 640xlbecause i love lumia and love the 640xl, and as you know the phone has gorilla glass 3 as screen protection layer, i want to know if this level of gorilla glass can be scratched or not, because i use my phone softly and really use it with care, but i noticed a small scratch on the screen. The innovative ford gt windshield a collaborative effort between ford and corning comprises three layers. Galaxy s3s gorilla glass steel hammer test youtube. It is rumoured that the third generation protective glass gorilla glass 3 will be used in the devices from 20 onwards.

Lumia 640xl gorilla glass screen, what is the level of the. Here is a complete list of lenovo gorilla glass mobiles available for sale in india. How an innovative combination of materials can enable better car. Truth about gorilla glass ultimate galaxy siii destruction repair video in description duration. They can opt to create displays using thinner glass that has the same toughness as the original. Which is the best touch in smartphones capacitive, super. In 2012, corning released gorilla glass 2 at the ces.

We drop our test devices onto rough surfaces that best approximate the real world of streets, sidewalks and parking lots. A recent video shows the durability test of the samsung flagship handset, the galaxy note 8. Honor 8 comes with cornings scratchresistant gorilla glass 3 which is curved 2. He discovers his error, retests, and the gorilla glass 5 scratches at a 6, not a 3. Xiaomi redmi note 5 pro manages to survive durability test. Last month south korean tech giant samsung announced a new flagship handset, the galaxy note 8. Samsung galaxy s20 ultra survives durability test in new. Corning gorilla glass has been designed into more than 6 billion devices worldwide by more than 45 major brands. Gorilla glass 5 doesnt hold up on galaxy note 7 corning. Corning gorilla glass 2 break test handson slashgear. Developed by ford and corning, gorilla glass hybrid window is a tough, durable, scratchresistant window that is about 30 percent lighter than. Coming with a carbon fiber body for durability, this. Gorilla glass to the automotive space, where it can reduce vehicle weight and enable increased fuel economy, improved durability, and an enhance driving. Corning has unveiled gorilla glass 6 as an allnew glass protection for mobile devices.

Of course samsung though it would be a good idea to do it the other way around. Everything you need to know about corning gorilla glass. Here is the link to the corrected version of the scratch test. For more information regarding gorilla glass 2 check out our timeline below for the details. For gorilla glass testers, life is a daily grind and scratch and drop. Gorilla glass for automotive as the inner layer, a plastic adhesive interlayer, and annealed soda lime glass as the outside layer. Bluboo xtouch drop test gorilla glass 3, cnc metal frame. Just know gorilla glass isnt factory spec outside the supercar segment.

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